How you can learn and apply SixSF

eXcite introduction

Here's your introductory session with a flavour of SixSF and what it can do for your business.

If you are a business change leader looking for a way to increase engagement and embed a culture of innovative change out in your business, this is an ideal way in to SixSF. We'll take you through:

  • Our background and how the components collided in 2015 to give birth to SixSF
  • Our Play - Build - Pause - Repeat framework.
  • Learning Modules and how they work.
  • Why our tools are an easier way to get your change message across.

If you like what you hear in the taster session then let's talk about how to create the SixSF effect in your business.


aXcelerator training

Time to start building the SixSF change capability in your business. Identify your first change agents who are keen to develop the new skills and we'll train them as aXcelerators. Part of their training involves introducing a SixSF Play-Build-Pause-Repeat improvement process with a real challenge somewhere in  your business. We'll support and guide them through this. The 'change customers' they work with can expect to find it a positive and empowering experience - which often surprises everyone, given their previous experience of imposed change!


Once you know it's proving effective, you can train some more aXcelerators and/or start to spread positive change to the next level...


eXplorer training

With the skills of SixSF embedded in some of your team we hope you will want to take your business through a wider cultural change through the use of eXplorers. These are people out in your operation who can spread the approach, skills and some of the tools at the disposal of the aXcelerators who both train and mentor their network of eXplorers. This collaborative approach helps to build a community of change and embed positive change as an everyday habit.


eXplorers use specially designed tools which capture the essence of SixSF in a clear and practical way. 



eXpander coaching

We see our relationship with your business and its SixSF agents as a long and successful one which not only supports you through the initial change framework but which also continues to develop the SixSF community with masterclasses, advanced tools, peer workshops and collaborative learning.


Our Agile framework is one of iterative learning and improvement which is how we intend to develop SixSF and its practitioners. We want to stay at the forefront of positive change and make effective use of new technology, automation and advances in the understanding of human change. Our knowledge and progress will be shared with our community. 


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