The ABC Change Difference

We know everything works well at least some of the time and being positive is something we can build on. ABC Change is a family of three improvement products with a structure that is flexible and easy to follow. 

ABC Change products use a framework of 60 subjects arranged into 'Play-Build-Pause-Repeat' phases and designed for use across your business. Each product combines these subjects to engage and encourage different people to own continuous improvements every day . 

From the quick A-Change guides aimed at the front-line, through extended supervisory B-Change guides and onto facilitated C-Change 1 or 2 day events, Play-Build-Pause-Repeat can turn everyone into a positive agent for change. Just imagine that!

Explaining Play, Build, Pause and Repeat

Play (verb) - engage in activity for enjoyment, be curious and explore.

Play starts you thinking in the SixSF way and encourages curiosity while building confidence. Play is engaging and exciting, motivating people to get involved and have the positive mental approach to start making changes for themselves.

Outcome: shift into a positive frame of mind ready to apply principles and language.

Build (verb) - construct or improve something, put parts and materials together.

Build moves you into creating change via describing what you want to be different. It’s the constructive part where you build a flexible plan and identify steps and actions to make change happen, while keeping momentum and engagement high.

Outcome: move into how a desired future will look and feel.  

Pause (verb) - to create a breathing space, a brief interruption of action  

Pause allows a brief space to add objective measurement and criteria to the future described in Build. Lean Six Sigma approaches and tools support people to turn subjective opinion into objective proof that a good idea works and improves the business.

Outcome: prove viability and measure objectively how well improvements work. 

Repeat (verb) - Do something again, continue to change or improve

Repeat emphasises short, agile iteration cycles and the ability to amplify or dampen change depending on its success. It shows you how to adjust and refine changes, test and improve, discard and re-imagine until the quality is high enough. Repeat loops back into PLAY to ensure change is continuous every day. 

Outcome: continue success, improve the process itself and complete the loop to Play again.