ABC Change - Business Improvement Products from SixSF

A rapid, repeatable framework with structure and flexibility. 

Combining positive Solution Focused change, Lean Six Sigma measurement and Agile responsiveness.

Engaging, easy to follow and yet powerful enough to improve any situation from the simplest to most complex.

Gives all of your people the tools to own and do continuous improvement, every day, one step at a time.

Our pilot delivered...

More engagement, faster change, greater ROI


more engagement

Consultants spent 89% less time on follow up, increasing the ownership and engagement of operational teams



faster change

Process improvements happened in 2 weeks instead of 3 months - that's 6.5 times faster. Operational teams were then ready for more....


greater ROI
Consultants spent 65% less time catalysing change - that's a 2.8 times increase in ROI on the consultants' time.


"The SixSF Positive Change approach enabled the onsite operational teams to really engage with the process of change. The idea that the team themselves could suggest improvements and actually implement them gave them great confidence - far removed from the command-and-control they were used to. The structured method meant that the changes were perfectly aligned with the performance measures of the site. Results included increases in sales, profit - and the all-important staff morale boost. A genuine win-win situation!"

Head of Operational Excellence, Compass Group UK&I (2016)

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